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    Help Needed....

    Bagram Bill

      Hello to All,


      After reading posts here for a week now I have decided to toss one out to the group. I will be having a machine built for me by someone (not sure who yet) as it is above my pay scale and beyond my time scale... to do it my self. On this machine I will be running CS5 Master Collection which I purchased a week or two ago, it is up and running on a weak machine just for my learning purposes.


      Here is my situation, in a week or two I will be leaving for a one year assignment in Afghanistan. I will be going as a civilian contractor training and mentoring Afghan cameramen. I will have a producer and editor doing the same with their Afghan counterparts. The producer and editor are both great guys but, how do I say this... they are FCP and MAC people.


      This year long project will produce about 1,000 hrs of footage, using mostly the Sony EX-1R. It is my desire to run a system using CS5 on a PC along side the Mac towers. Why you ask, well several reasons.      (1) superior management of the meta-data.   (2) what I believe is better full suite workflow.  (3) I am a PC guy.    (4) I am trying to open the eyes of my producer, the editor I am not so concerned with...


      Here is the system I am looking at so far:


      Case          Coolmaster HAF932

      Pwr            Antec 1000W Quattro Ps ATX12V

      CPU           i7 980x

      Cooler         CM V10 cooler

      Mobo          Asus P6X58D P

      Mem           24GB DDR3 looking at Kingston KHX1600c9D3K6

      Video          GTX 480 (using soft hack)

      Drives         Boot - WD Velociraptor 600 GB

                        Scratch - WD 1TB Sata III

                        Render -  WD 1TB Sata III


      Video Raid Card and drives undecided, may use something from the likes of CalDigit or others.... I am open to suggestions.


      If you have the time and inclination, please jump in and offer your expertise. I will be grateful for all help. Just keep in mind that all suggestions need to be in stock type items as this has to come together quickly. As for my budget, this one is coming out of my own pocket.... so it does matter.... with that said, I am looking at the PC without the video raid coming in at around 5 to 6k...


      Bill Skinner

      210 867-6982

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          Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Bill, it looks like you have a good start, but there is one major bottleneck.  There is no approved/certified 24 GB memory vendor to my knowledge--better check that out in detail.


          I also prefer the Coolermaster Hyper 212 with the optional extra fan.

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            Baz R Level 3

            also consider the Cosmos S case, and the noctua NH-D14 cpu fan.


            Areca are very good Raid Cards,


            150gb HD for OS should be more than enough.


            Read Harms notes on disk setup.




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