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    Where can we find Helikopter propeller spinning?

    giannis72str Level 1


      Do you know where can I find an alpha chanel clip of just the helikopter propeller spinning? I hate constructing it in a 3D software. I want it ready.



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          I would also be interested in somewhere to find resources like this.


          I suppose just try googling different things, if it exists, something is bound to show up.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP


            This took about 5 minutes. In Photoshop I quickly separated the helicopter from the background, separated the horizontal stabilizer from the helicopter, removed the original main rotor and tail rotor.


            Imported into AE as a composition. Added a square solid with a mask shaped like a rotor and another smaller solid with a mask shaped like a tail rotor, made both rotor layers 3D and positioned them and rotated them to match the perspective. Added a camera with a moderately long lens and an expression for each rotor blade to generate the rotation and I'm done.


            Lot's could be done to make this composite more realistic, but you'd have to do the same kind of manipulation to some stock footage also to make that composite completely believable. You'd also be hard pressed to find stock footage that matched the perspective of your helicopter shot.


            You'll find a CS3 project here.

            Pay particular attention to where the anchor point is in relationship to the masks. Take a look at the photoshop file to see how I generated a procedural matte from the red and blue channels to quickly cut out the helicopter. There's nothing complicated about this procedure.



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              idar lettrem Level 1

              to get the rotor "on top of your footage" - like sitting in the cabin ...


              start microsoft fligthsim (fsx for instance)


              enable some graphic elements in the "settings department" to see the rotor


              enter cocpit view


              start FRAPS  (http://www.fraps.com/) , fly and record your rotor.


              easy peasy


              some masking in post


              you've got it