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    Flash MX to Flash CS5?


      I am considering buying Flash CS5, but I want to know if all my old fla's, made with Flash MX, will still run properly.


      Also, I want to start learning about Shared Objects, SS scripting and what-not to incorperate into a game I made on MX. Will I be able to take advantage of Flash Media Server stuff with old Flash MX files that I open in CS5?

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          KyleOD Level 1

          Note, it's Flash MX 2004.

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            dikuno10 Level 1

            There are many reports of Flash CS5 crasing and making them lose their files, et cetera, et cetera. If Flash isn't super-duper important, go ahead and upgrade, but backup all of your Flash MX 2004 animations on a USB Drive or something and be prepared to quickly get MX 2004 back on your system.

            On the other hand, if you use Flash for your job or something like that - generally, if your life depends on your Flash - DO NOT upgrade, as there is too much of a risk that you could, by chance, lose something important.


            Hope it helps,

            dikuno <><