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    Screen stops redrawing after 100 documents are generated [mac/js/cs3]

    Brian Carter

      I wrote my thesis this semester in InDesign, a script which takes a folder of content and does a page layout based on that content. For our thesis show I'd like to have the script running in a loop. I've writen it so it creates a document, makes it look nice, pauses for 5 seconds, and closes. This works perfect...


      ...except after 100 documents (exactly 100 it seems), it stops redrawing the screen. The document is pure white, the rulers only draw halfway...not very impressive at all. This doesn't happen on my unibody MBP (at least, not at 100) but on the G5 we have to use at the thesis show.

      Is there anything I can do about this? I have it changing from Normal to Preview mode on every cycle, do I have any other options or should I try and limit the script to 100 runs and then maybe call it via do script and wait until it's done?


      The thesis show opens Tuesday, we've been very limited in the time we have to test with the machines so any alternatives would be great.


      Thanks so much.