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      Is it possible to insert a mp3 player like this http://activeden.net/item/2-mode-mp3-player-black/full_screen_preview/25911? I try to do it, the player appears in the Catalyst CS5 program, but it doesn't work on the web..


      I am a beginner. I believe that it is because I have not copied the audio content on ftp. Sorry for my lousy english.. Can you help me? it would be appreciated! Thank you



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          SMAKDIGITAL Level 1

          Good luck getting anyone from Adobe to answer you.

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            Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

            Ye of little faith, SMAKDIGITAL   Adobe engineers from the Flash Catalyst team regularly monitor this forum and answer many, if not most, of the questions posed on it.




            You can build a simple MP3 player yourself within Catalyst, which gives you far more control over the visual appearance of the player.  See this thread for more.


            You may also be able to use a pre-packaged solution like the one you linked to -- depending on how it's constructed.  The most important thing is to make sure the player can find the audio and playlist assets that it needs.  I assume you tried exporting a SWF of the raw MP3 player from Flash Pro, based on the FLA file you bought, and that worked properly?  How did you set that up with a playlist of audio files?


            If you needed to write some ActionScript code to give the widget a list of .mp3 files, you might need to do something like this.


            If the .mp3 files simply sit in a folder next to the .swf, then you need to make sure those files are next to your final Catalyst .swf also.  To do this:

            1. Create a Catalyst project
            2. Import your MP3 player .swf into the project, and position it as desired within your larger site/application layout
            3. You can test your application at this point, but the MP3 player won't be able to find the files yet (I assume that means it'll just show a blank playlist)
            4. When you're ready, use File > Publish to export a web-ready final .swf from Catalyst
            5. Go to the exported deploy-to-web folder (the content you'll upload to your website later) or the run-local folder (if you just want to try out the MP3 player on your local machine)
            6. Copy the .mp3 files into this folder


            Hope that helps!  If that's not working for you plase reply back with more details and we'll see what we can do.


            - Peter

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              SMAKDIGITAL Level 1

              No offense Peter, it just get's frustrating sometimes when you in the heat of a project and have to wait for days for something that you guys I'm sure could answer with ease. We are all trying to dive in and get as much as we can from the Masters of the design universe.

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                maxstudio1 Level 1

                wow thanks a lot.. this is probably what i was searching for.. i'll try as soon as i can work on it!!

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                  maxstudio1 Level 1

                  It works



                  Thanks a lot Peter.


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                    If you could elaborate a little more, pls. How to put more than one mp3 player on a page, and get them to play the corrent files? After publishing the project, which folder exactly should i put my mp3's and .swf players so that they play correctly?

                    A step by step instruction on how to get multiple mp3's players on the Catalyst page would be highly appreciated. I'm trying to have simple players, like wpaudioplayer, positioned on my page so that each one plays an mp3 file assigned to it.

                    Thanks in advance.

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