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    use embeded fonts in AIR HTML Browser

    PChiranjeevi Level 1

      Hi guys,

      today while I am experementing on embeded fonts in HTML browser I found many work arrounds so the fonts can be loaded directly fromt he staging servers so we can use the fonts in our web browsers.

      While I am experimenting this approach in my AIR Desktop widget none of the embedding techniques worked well.

      I am using the following logic to use embeded fonts to support both IE and Non IE browsers.


      @font-face {      font-family: "mySegoeEmbd" ;       font-style:normal;      font-weight:normal;      src: url(SEGOEUI0.eot); /* IE */       src: local("Segoe UI"), url( SegoeUI.ttf ) format("truetype"); /* non-IE */ }


      this failed in AIR EMBEDED browser.

      after this i am getting idea of using the font from AIR application. I mean, I would like to use a font family (inside the AIR HTML control pages) embeded in AIR applicaton.

      Is this possible.

      If not what can be the solution to make it work for using HTML font embedding.

      thanks alot.