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    Is there an equivalent DW “Behavior?”

    VL Branko Level 2


      I am converting a site created in Go Live to Dreamweaver CS4 but have found that many of the Go Live “Actions” (Behaviors in DW) didn’t survive the transition even though I used the conversion tool provided by Adobe. In fact several things didn’t survive and I will probably find more as I dig deeper. )-:

      I am aware that in DW4 there is a Behavior to "Open a Browser Window” and that you can specify dimensions etc., but this is not enough. In Go Live there is a JS Action that opened the window and caused it to slide into the center of the screen. An example of this can be found at:


      If you click on the image of the two female statues on the right then a small window containing the caption for the image will appear from the left and move to the center of the screen. Depending on your browser (FF, Chrome, and IE) it will move relatively slowly (the intended speed) or very quickly (Safari and Opera). I don’t care about the speed but I do want this ability that it slides into the center of the screen. Because this caption window will generally be small if it is in the center of the screen it will easily noticed.

      So my question is: Is there an equivalent DW Behavior out there that does the same thing?

      Thank you for your time.