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    external monitor preview not working in CS5

    stevelyles Level 1

      Well its taken almost a month to get my Production premium suite CS5 working (exit code 7 install error) I finally reinstalled win7 pro after dicking with adobe tech support for weeks (they did try to be helpful and polite) and that "cured" the install problem so now I see that the external monitor preview still dosent work as in CS4....anyone know what gives? mine dosent work even if I set to external audio either. After effects-encore and Photoshop external firewire previews all work fine so I know its a bug in Premiere...anyone logged this yet?.On a VERY positive note I absolutely love the "solidity" of Premiere ....I invested in a Quadro fx3800 and well its a beautiful thing really.....is it odd to be in love with hardware and software

      cheers y'all