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    RAM or GPU card?

    Boeboi 1

      Can a Mac Pro owner who is utilizing Adobe Master Collection Suite 5 offer me their opinion on what  to purchase first, RAM or a graphics card?

      I am not a gamer.

      I am about to purchase MCS5 to run on an early 2008 Mac Pro, 2.8 GHz with 6GB of RAM and two monitors. I have used MCS3 for the past few years with great results to produce vids shot with a Sony VX-2100. I tried creating vids in CS3 using HD video, but CS3 cannot handle HD format in a manner that suits me.

      My first project using CS5 will be three, 20-minute segments for a one-hour video, shot with a Canon HDV, XHA1a. I will use several stills shot with a Canon 5D (old model), Google's subscription service for maps to integrate into the production and AE animations.


      I have to render the product to BLU-Ray disc and segements for display on the Web.

      I also have to create graphics, PDFs and othr aspects for the project.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          First of all, AE does not use  MPE accelleration. Only PR, where is shows sizable benefits when  rendering fpr previews, but unfortunately not yet with encoding. If you do not render  often, it makes no sense in getting an expensive MPE certified card.  Keep in mind that the GTX-285 is no longer produced and finding one may  be difficult, so the alternative is a FX4800. $$$.


          From that  POV, upgrading memory may well be the more economical choice. I don't  know what other video cards may be supported in the future for Mac's,  but maybe some more affordable choices will appear.

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            Boeboi 1 Level 1

            Thank you!