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    Info about Illustrator Font Menu Order

    PurplePlumUK Level 1


      Thanks for stopping by. I'm just looking to understand something and cannot seem to find it explained anywhere. Please feel free to point me to the info where ever it's buried.


      Illustrator fonts menu. I don't think this is specific to versions, however, I happen to be using Ai CS5 on Snow Leopard.


      My fonts menu has eight horizontal divisions/segements or groups of fonts separated by a horizontal line. I'm trying to figure out what these groupings mean. The top portion which is by far the biggest I believe contains the /library/fonts/ and user/library/fonts/ all listed together.


      I believe most of the divisions indicate language groupings, though this is a guess from observation on my part. However, I've an Helvetica Neue font which I know is represented in user/library/fonts/ (though may, possibly, also be somewhere else) which is listed (once on the menu) in it's own segment after all the languages - so near the bottom. In InDesign, Helvetica Neue lists in with all the other fonts beginning with 'H', in the top segment.... so I'm quite intrigued by the inconsistency between the applications and whether it means something or is just  a random inconsistency in app design.


      So...   Q: What prompts illustrator to draw a hoizontal line and separate fonts (apart from language)?



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          Tie & Die

          The horizontal line segregation is based on the Script of the Font (Roman, Indic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean etc..)

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            PurplePlumUK Level 1

            That's what I'd assumed, though the Helvetica Neue font would surely be Roman? Illustrator is clearly classing it as something else.  Perhaps a font app will tell me what script the font is in. Thanks.

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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

              That maybe a system required font or an application required font. Or for web browsers.

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                PurplePlumUK Level 1

                Hi Wade, thank you for adding a comment.


                This is a completely new 'clean' machine I'm working with (I deliberately didn't use the apple migration app so as to start fresh). Having gone into Illustrator and not seen Helvetica Neue (because I didn't scroll down far enough) I added it to the user/library/fonts. However... the reality is that it was there already in the system/library/fonts...  so Illustrator was not listing my addition but the system one.


                This actually adds to my inability to grasp the logic here. There is a group of fonts above (AppleGothic Regular, Arial Unicode MS and Adobe Myungjo Std M) which look to me like app specific fonts. Why they should be listed separately to the Helvetica, in that case, I don't know.


                Well... anyway..... I can manage to remember that this one font is listed differently in Illustrator (obscurely) and InDesign (logically). I'm not sure how an obscure logic to listing fonts, which also differs across apps helps the end user (like me/us) work efficiently... though thankfully it is possible to bypass this oddness by typing in the font name in the character etc dialogues/panel which in truth is what I tend to do... though doing so doesn't seem to quite work with the finesse I feel I've experienced somewhere else.


                Thanks for your thoughts, much appreciated, I can accept this is to remain a curiosity... cheers.


                (Good portfolio by the way Wade).

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                  Tie & Die Level 1

                  It's seems to be grouping Helvetica Neue as Cyrillic Script font. Not sure about Indesign grouping

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                    I am less experienced with font groupings and such than those who have commented thus far. These subgroupings within the menu frustrate the heck out of me. Yes, I can get at a font if I know it's name (I recently purchased Suitcase Fusion to help) but that just means I need to know the name in advance. There must be something, somewhere, that Illustrator is using here.

                    I would love to read up on this but can't seem to find much. Suitcase Fusion's help doesn't seem to address this. Personally, with all of the wonderful things Adobe apps do, I can't imagine why the font menu design is so clunky.


                    I'd would greatly appreciate any suggestions you guys might have! Thanks for taking the time to read this. :-)



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                      JETalmage Level 6
                      function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

                      …or is just  a random inconsistency in app design…


                      When it's all said and done, that's pretty much it. And examples of it abound.