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    Dreamweaver trial wont load


      I am trying to download the dreamweaver trial version but when I click on to open the file on

      to my computer it says that I dont have permission to download to drive "C"?

      I have Macromedia Dreamweaver MX which I thought might be preventing it from downloading so

      removed it but it still wont download....

      what have I done wrong?


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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          The only limitation to having an older version is that you cannot run the old and new at the same time.  Otherwise there are no limitations and they can run side by side.


          What OS are you running?  And if it is Vista, 7 or OSX do you have administrative privileges on the computer?

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            weimk9 Level 1

            Hi,  its vista, although it is my sons laptop I can download (I do have administrative  permission)


            I have managed to start download but by gum its slow...... it is saying it will take 10 hours?  my internet speed is 54mbps but it is only downloading at approx 10kbps, dont know why.....


            so I am left waiting, waiting waiting....