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    Cannot set up server

    dltmphoto Level 1


      I am very new to DW so there may be an easy solution.

      I have defined various sites locally but the site setup box will not let me

      1. see the advanced sttings

      2. define a remote server.


      There is a large red star by the list item on the left by Server and another red star by the port 21 designation where I would define the server once I have clicked the + sign to add info.  This info panel doesn't respond well either.  I need to cancel and then escape out of it to leave after my many attempts to do a setup.


      This is CS5 and I am running Win7.

      I have changed my firewall settings to open port 21 and have checked my router settings and don't seem to have a problem there.


      I have seen the kb article where you can test your connection from DW on an Adobe server but I can't enter that info in the dialogue to make it work.


      Any help appreciated!


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          dltmphoto Level 1

          In case anyone else has a problem with this...I am able to tab through the entry boxes in order to enter data.

          It certainly is more difficult than it looks in various tutorials.

          I will mark my question as answered but may be back with more??? !