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    DataTips always appear in ViewStack container

    doug777 Level 1
      I have a Panel container set to a specific width and height.

      Inside this is a ViewStack with percentHeight and percentWidth set to 100.

      Each ViewStack child is a VBox with a specific height and width set so that it fits in the Panel without scrollbars appearing.

      Each VBox contains a List control with percentHeight and percentWidth set to 100 and with showDataTips set to true.

      The problem is that the data tips pop up on every item of every list regardless of whether they extend beyond the width of the VBox or not.

      If I remove the ViewStack from the chain of children, the problem disappears.

      It looks to me as though the ViewStack has an unusual way of sizing itself compared with other containers and that this could be the cause of the problem.

      Does anyone have any ideas how this problem can be resolved.