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    Any way to do an easy layer swap?

    Laer2 Level 1

      I'm wondering if there is any easy way to have a layer swaping in AE CS3.  To be more specific, to do something like how you can animate a swap in Flash.


      For example, I may have a scene consisting of a character's face, and I want to animate the mouth via swapping between various pre-made mouth shapes.  In Flash, you have the convenient feature where you can have the 'layer' containing the mouth to jump to any frame of the containing movie clip.  Not so in AE, but I'm wondering if there's an easy workaround.


      Right now, I just have multiple layers, each with a different (for example) mouth shape, and those are all parented on the same spot to the character's head.  Doing the swap, then, would mean keyframing the opacity of the one visible mouth shape to zero, and then on the same frame keyframing the opacity of another layer to 100... and so on.  It works, but is no ideal.  I'm wondering if there's some easier workaround that I may not have thought of.

      If you could have a pre-comp, and control the frame it sits on, then you'd be in business... but you can't, I don't think.


      Anyone have any other techniques or ideas?