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    Export As Favicon Install Problem

      When I try to install the "Export As Favicon" command by John Dunning by double-clicking on the mxp file, I get an error, even though Fireworks is closed. The error reads "The file 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS3\configuration\commands\Favicon\png2ico\png2ico.exe' is being used by Fireworks CS3. Please close Fireworks CS3 and try again."

      The named file does not exist. Attempting to install the command from within Fireworks with the Extension Manager gives the same error. My Fireworks CS3 is updated. Is there a problem with this extension? It is listed in the Fireworks Developer Center on the Downloads tab.
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          John Dunning Level 1
          Strange, I've never seen that. Have you tried opening the Extension Manager directly, without opening FW? It should be in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Extension Manager. Double-click it, then select File > Install Selection and find the mxp and open it. Are you on Vista, by any chance? It's possible Vista doesn't like the exe getting installed into Program Files.

          If that doesn't work, you can also try installing the extension manually:

          Unzip that archive (maintaining the folder structure) into C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS3\Configuration\Commands
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            dmwalk Level 1
            I am using the Master Collection on Vista Ultimate. This is the third extension that I have tried that does not install correctly in Vista. Also, none of the brush /pen tools works correctly in Vista Aero (a now noted issue). It's quite irritating that there has been so little testing in Vista and even more so that essential tools like the drawing tools and extension manager have not yet been fixed. Anyhow, I installed the command manually as you suggested and it appeared to install correctly. However, the Export as Favicon command gives an error about a BatchFile that has no properties. So the problem is not solved, the extension does not work on Vista.
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              John Dunning Level 1
              Since you're on Vista, I bet running EM with administrator privileges would've allowed the .mxp to be installed correctly. I suspect the other extensions you've had problems with contain exe's or dll's. But I agree that these Vista problems should've been fixed before launch. It's not like no one knew Vista was coming and that the security was being tightened.

              Once installed, the script probably isn't working because Vista isn't letting it create the batch file. It'll need to be changed to write the file somewhere other than in Program Files, at least on Vista.