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    Capture problems?


      Okay, so I just got CS5, and I'm trying to capture video from a Samsung SCD103. The main reason I'm doing it from this cam is that I have to work on this one at home. The problem and possible determining factor is that I shot it on a Cannon Vixa30 and it was shot in 1080i HDV.


      I would normaly be editing on Final Cut Pro, but I don't have a mac. So I can't use the FireWire. I'm instead forced to use the USB interface.


      What is the problem with this? is it an incompatibility with the camera (only shoots DV) and the footage(shot in HDV)?

      Or is it a problem with Premeir Pro?


      Please help me,

      My deadline is monday night, I don't get back in until tuesday afternoon, and I'm just a little new to Premeir Pro,