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    Inconsistancies between IE and other browsers?


      Hi there, I'm having a couple problems with my website and the ways it appears in IE vs Firefox!


      Ok first thing, the title that appears in the tab should be "Bowman Illustration," which shows up fine in IE but in Firefox and other browsers it's "web template" (my file name) on the initial page but the correct name after that (including going back to the main page...so the initial page is wrong, but the same page labelled as "index" is fine...yeah).


      The other problem is that in IE there's a kind of shadow around my image/links at the bottom, and my slices are misaligned in a couple places on all pages except the home page.


      Here's my site: http://bowmanillustration.com/



      Sorry but I'm a dreamweaver noob and don't know a lot of terms, so if you have a solution please explain clearly.


      Thank you!