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    Awful WMV Quality on CS5

    FuelMe Level 1

      Maybe I'm going crazy but it appears to me the quality of exported WMVs is very poor compared to CS4 and earlier.

      I actually went back to encoding WMVs using the ol' Microsoft Media Encoder.


      Source files are AVCHD and HDV.


      To make it clear, the same settings I had used for a long time on CS4 and earlier now produce WMVs on CS5 that are just not acceptable. The only analogy I can come up with is that footage looks like it doesn't deinterlace properly, lines look jagged sometimes, but not always. Also, it LOOKS like bitrate isn't set high enough but it certainly is more than adequate (again, used previous settings, usually 640x360 at 1700+kbps, keyframes at 2 secs.)


      Even checking any and all "Quality"-based options such as rendering in max quality etc. didn't make a difference.


      Everything else about CS5 is absolutely wonderful, just the WMV quality is really bad now.




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