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    HD 30p (progressive) export presets for download here

    Gonzchi Level 1



      A couple of days ago I asked about exporting HD  1920 x 1080  (and also 1280 x 960) in progressive mode. All the full HD presets in PrE 8 are interlaced.




      Thanks to AT Romano guidance, I created all the export presets I needed, which I provide here for download, if anybody wants them.




      You have to un-zip them and put them here


      C:\Documents and Settings\your-username\Application Data\Adobe\Premiere Elements\8.0\SC\Presets\PC\MPEG\HD



      There are 2 MP4 presets (H.264 + AAC) and 2 MPEG2 presets:


      HD MP4 1280x960 30p.epr

      HD MP4 1920x1080 30p.epr

      HD MPEG2 1280x960 30p.epr

      HD MPEG2 1920x1080 30p.epr