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    Advice on building computer for CS5

    Keano66 Level 1

      I was going to get someone to build me a new pc for my video editing activities. I am now considering building it myself.  Can anyone tell me how difficult this is? I have looked at a few youtube videos on the matter and they seem quite straightforward.  However, as I have not done this sort of thing before, would welcome any tips and advice.  I currently have a quad core 6600 processor which i will be updating to an i7 930. I will be using an Asus P6T deluxe V2 motherboard.  How important is it to use thermal paste?  Some videos I have seen do use it and some others don't.  Is it vital to use it and if so what thermal paste do people here recommend.  Many thanks in advance for any tips!

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          KamilekPOL Level 1

          Thermal paste is important. Important is way how you put thermal past on cpu. When you overclocked  good thermal paste is necessary. I use with my procesor i7920@ 3.6ghz thermal paste noctua NT-H1, i recomended it. Good is artic silver 5 to.

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            It is not difficult at all, but if you have never done it before, take your time, do not hurry and consider the steps needed to assemble your stuff and try to imagine the sequence of your steps. For example, with certain CPU coolers and certain memory sticks, it may be necessary to first install the memory sticks before the CPU cooler. Thermal paste is absolutely necessary. Use a good brand like Arctic Silver or if you have a Noctua cooler, use the Noctua paste. Apply it evenly and very thin. Too much will decrease cooling performance. Use the supplied distance screws for mounting your mobo, so you will not run in shorting problems and keep in mind how the power supply cables will be routed from the PSU to the mobo. That may determine whether to first install the PSU or the mobo. Keep in mind that the pins for connecting fans and SATA cables can become hard to reach when using large CPU coolers with the fans attached, but mounting those fans later can also be tricky, so consider your steps carefully. Look carefully at the pins for connecting HDD activity LED, power LED, power switch, reset switch, etc. because they usually end up at the bottom and are not clearly seen.


            Take your time. It is far better to spend a hour or even two longer, that troubleshooting afterwards.

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              Keano66 Level 1

              Thanks people! As ever, Harm, your advice and knowledge is well appreciated.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I write about what I built at http://www.pacifier.com/~jtsmith/ADOBE.HTM


                The Intel i7 came with thermal paste... I used Arctic Silver 5 anyway


                I do NOT overclock, and my i7 runs normally at 33c


                After my CS5 order arrives, I'll be able to find out how everything works under load