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    Hope for Trial Versions

    TradeWind Level 3

      Forgot another tidbit from the CS5 roadshow....


      The Adobe folks mentioned that they are fed up with the trial version restrictions, acknowledging that the trial software for PPro as it currently stands is absolutely useless to anyone actually wanting to test the application.


      Though they didn't mention a date, they did say that they will be bringing forward a trial that uses watermarked video clips and therefore allows the user to test ALL features of Premiere Pro (all codecs, all presets, etc).


      So they are listening, for those of you who have tested the trial version and been frustrated yourselves.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Finally, thanks for reporting.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            That is great news! PrElements has done it that way for many versions now. Yes, some trial users whine about the watermark, but I do not blame Adobe for wanting to do something, or one would just keep getting trial versions ad infinitum, until the Project was done. Not THAT long ago, we had a poster, who was trying to complete a Project by working in the trial for PrPro for 30-days, then moving to the trial of Vegas Pro, then AVID Liquid, then... This was all in an attempt to keep from paying.


            Good news, indeed. Now we just need to gird our loins for the watermark-whiners, 'cause they will be jumping out of the woodwork.