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    XML Driven


      Hello World,


      I'm interested in a photo stack gallery.


      Here is an example: http://www.flashdevelopment.de/CONTENTS/3DPHOTOSTACKGALLERY02/3dphotostackgallery02.php


      I want to use a photo stack gallery on my multiple affiliate websites to display my products.


      What I want to be able to do is add and delete photos very fast, without having to fiddle around with xml or any other codes.


      Can I do this with this product or is there some other simple, reliable and cheap product that I can?


      Is a bulk preloader a code-work-around solution?


      In other words does a bulk preloader make a photo stack gallery an image drag-and-drop photo stack gallery?


      Said differently once more, is there a way to add multiple images fast to an xml driven photo stack gallery without fiddling around with xml code?




      Thank you for your help,


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you'll need to fiddle with xml code or build (or have someone build for you) an xml editor.


          so, the answer is, yes you can use that or any other xml-driven app.  but you'll need to fiddle with xml unless you have an editor.

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            macjump7 Level 1

            Hello Kglad,


            What do you mean when you say "you'll need to fiddle with xml unless you have an editor"?


            This statement would seem to suggest that if I had an editor I would not have to edit.


            But even though I may not have an editor, isn't the only purpose of an editor--to edit?


            My point being, how would this make it faster and easier for me to add and remove photos to the stack?


            Notepad is an editor, isn't it?


            What editor would you recommend to make the photo stack gallery software work best?



            Thank You,


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              macjump7 Level 1

              Hello Kglad,


              I think I missed the key word of your post.


              And I think that key word was "xml" editor.


              In any case, do you mean I could make a image drag-and-drop program with an xml editor...was that your point?


              Would it be easy to make?


              Can you do  it?


              How much would you charge?



              Thank You,


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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                the xml will need to be edited to make changes to any xml-driven application whether that's a photo gallery or any other xml-driven application.


                typically, you do that by opening up the xml file in a text editor and "fiddling" with code and then uploading the needed file(s) including the edited xml and the photo(s).   but an editor can be created (i make them using flash) that eliminates the need to fiddle with code ftp file uploads.


                in the case of a photo gallery, you would:


                1.  open the editor

                2.  enter your password (because you don't want anyone else editing your gallery)

                3.  you would be presented with an easy-to-use display - not code.


                typically, for a photo gallery, that display would be:


                1.  select a category (from a combobox), eg, shirts, pants, ties

                2.  select one of 3 options, add, edit or delete

                3.  if add was selected, you would be presented with

                    a.  add after photo number.

                    b.  add before photo number.

                4. browse for file dialogue box would open so you could click on the file (on your computer), that you want to add.

                5. a confirmation would appear (if all went well) that your photo was uploaded and added to your gallery.

                6.  return to 1.


                usually, there will be more involved (like a description/text) that should accompany the photo.  but that gives you the general outline of how a user-friendly editor would work.


                if you want me to build one for you, send an email via my website:  www.kglad.com