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    RAM question again and a little problem


      1. i  have question to You. Now i have 8GB RAM i7920@3,6ghz, ssd OS,  RAID0 from two seagates 7200.12, GTX285, i testing CS5. When i use  premiere Cs5 with complicated avchd project ( it has 100minutes and many  effects, color correction ) PrPRO use 5-6GB of ram, ergonomy of my work  is good but slower then i work with DV files.

      When i buy new 4GB  ram work will be better ??Worth to buy new RAM ??


      2. When i rendering premiere use about 7-8GB but time  of my rendering is very nice ( real time ).Now when i use for example  firefox and go back to premiere CS5 i must wait 1-2 seconds to load  program. This is not depending what i use (DV files or AVCHD doesen't  matter ). That is normal ?? In cs4 i don't have this problem.Do you  wait too when you go back to premiere from other aplication ??this not big problem but a frustrating a little

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          12 G will give better performance than 8 G, especially since you currently can't use triple channel.


          AVCHD requires much more muscle than DV, so that is completely normal.


          The slight delay is normal too, because of memory management in a 64 bit environment. The delay may decrease with added RAM.

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            KamilekPOL Level 1

            If premiere need more RAM why use now only about 4GB RAM ??

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              In CS5, the default settings for memory usage are 75% for use by AE, PR, EN, etc. and 25% for other applications. You can't increase it to more than 75% but you can lower it.


              With 8 GB installed, CS5 can use a maximum of 6 GB for it's own programs and 2 reserved for other programs.


              With 12 GB installed the numbers are 9 GB and 3 GB respectively, with 24 GB installed is will be 18 and 6.


              On my system with 12 GB installed, I notice with only AME open a use of around 8.5 GB during encoding. This means that if I have PR and PS and AE open at the same time, memory avaiable to AME will decrease and encoding times will rise. If only 4 GB sticks were more affordable, I would get 24 and advise everybody else the same, but it is not yet economically feasible, unless money is not an issue.


              You will benefit from populating all 6 DIMM sockets, because that is the only way to enable triple channel memory usage, which gives a performance boost over dual channel.

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                KamilekPOL Level 1

                Yes i knew about this.But if premiere use 4gb of ram when can 6gb i doesn't think that cs5 need more RAM ?? i wrong ? maybe faster timings of ram solve this problem ??