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    How to proceed

    iconofsin14 Level 1

      I have been asked to develop a web site for a small organisation


      I am comfortable with client side technologies (html, css , flash ect) but have no knoladge of server side technologies like PHP and i suspect that what i need to do requires one


      The client wants to be able to update the site herself but has no web development skills.


      I am thinking that one way to do this would be to have an excel or text file which the person edits in order to upload new information (that is to say the website will source images and text from external files.

      another way would be to have a web page with a form on it which she can use to upload new content (similar to how forums work)


      can anyone advise me

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Well the first thing you need to do is go back to the client and find out more about their hosting situation.  What server side scripting can they use (ie: PHP, ASP) and what database type can they use (ie: mySQL, MS SQL)?  If they are missing a piece of the puzzle are they willing to move hosts or upgrade their plan to accommodate this?


          Once you get that out of the way post back here with the information you find out.  More than likely what you would end up doing is downloading a CMS (Content Management System) and then skin that to look the way they want.  Then set up user accounts to let them edit pages and leave yourself with an administrative account in case anything goes wrong.  An example of this on the PHP side would be Joomla or Drupal.

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            iconofsin14 Level 1

            They dont have a server, I have to get one of them and then upload the site for them


            as telling them what a server is would be like telling my grandpearents what an Iphone is (its not going to happen)


            this means I dont have a limitation when chooseing a host (except money of course)

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              I'm a relative newbie, and may give bad advice. That said, I'm also the incoming webmaster of a local non-profit, and have been researching questions of this type. Some people advise us to use a Wordpress template. Your client would be able to do updates without knowing anything about the technology, but the design options might be limited. I've also been advised to use a real Dreamweaver-coded site, and use Adobe Contribute to manage it. You might want to look at whether your client would be able to work with Contribute.