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    ACR 6.1 Beta first impressions


      Adding lens corrections to ACR really revolutionize the digital workflow.  For me, 99% of my travel photography processing will end in ACR, without having to pass through Photoshop.  Photoshop remains for the 'Spacials', where you need layers, etc.  It was said that ACR started as a Photoshop plug-in. It's getting to the point that Photoshop will be a plug-in of ACR.


      Version 6.1 works well, with two minor issues:


      There are no grid lines (at least I couldn't find them).  For perspective corrections, grid lines are helpful.  Workaround I used are the crop boundaries, but that's not very convenient.


      The only camera I have, currently in the camera/lenses database is the Canon G10.  ACR doen't find it automatically (under the preview window it does say 'Canon Power Shot G10'). I must select 'Make: Canon', then the Model and Profile come up correctly.


      I hope these issues will be solved in the release version, and the camera/lenses database will grow to include my assortment of Olympus gear.