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    DW CS5 Code disappears on "Save as"

    370H55V Level 4

      I just noticed this this morning while updating a couple of homepages.

      I opened the index.html page, made the changes, and saved. Then I hit Command+Shift+S to save a copy as home.html.

      Here's the code for the Index page on save:


      And here's the Saved As home.html:



      Weird thing is, I can close the overwritten file and reopen it, the code is there, and it has saved properly, but if I "Save as" again and replace the file, the code disappears from view again.


      Once I noticed it, I tried it with other pages in other site folders and it does the same thing.


      I rebooted and tried it again... same result.


      It doesn't ERASE the code, It just no longer appears in the code window when Saved as another name, whether overwriting an existing file or saving as a new file.


      This is only on the Mac. CS5 on the PC behaves as it should.


      MacBook Pro 2.26gHz Core Duo 4Gb DDR3 1067mHz RAM OS 10.6.3 DW CS5 (OS and CS5 fully up to date)

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          I just tried to do this on my 2.8 C2D MBP 10.6.3, and I can't seem to duplicate it. Tried File->Save As, cmd+shift+s, tried it with a template file and non-template file, HTML5 & XHTML 1.1 document types, HTML + PHP file extensions.


          Is there anything I'm missing right now?  Can you verify permissions to the folder you are writing to?  I'm trying to see about reproducing the problem for you to see if it exists or figure out where the problem is.

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            370H55V Level 4

            I ran AppleJack last night, and all my permissions were proper both before and afterward.

            I've also set permissions at the Kernel level for all files and folders on this MacBook. (CHOWN and CHMOD for ALL the User folders)

            User - Read & Write (Full Access)

            Groups - Read & Write (Full Access)

            Everyone - Read & Write (Full Access)


            I've been running CS4 & CS5 side by side for almost a month now, and this is the first time I've seen this behavior.

            CS4 doesn't do it, even with the same files.


            So far it isn't a problem because it isn't removing the code, just no longer displaying it until the file is reopened.




            After a second reboot, it seems to have cleared up, but I'll keep this open in case it does it again.


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              Same problem here, on a MacPro 2.66 Quad, and a MBP 2.4, both running 10.6.6 - and it's consistent, meaning it happens everytime I use 'save as'. I've been using Dreamweaver since version 1, and haven't seen this before.


              It's more of an annoiance than a real problem, but it wastes my time, and I hope someone figures out how to solve this.





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                jmurdsh Level 1

                I've had the same issue in the last week. I repaired permissions and rebooted, but the problem persists.


                I'm running DW CS5 11.0 build 4993 on Mac OS 10.6.8.

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                  Someone in class had the same problem, and fixing the file extension solved it. He resaved the original document, named "Project", as "Project.html" (or whichever document type you are working in).