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    Export Setting recommendations

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           I'm working on a Flash animated movie, and doing my editing in Premiere Pro CS3.  I've been rendering the animation out into image sequences in layers so that I can composite them back together with various effects in Premiere...and have been then rendering them out as finished targa sequences.  Up to that point everything looks really good.  But I've been editing the scenes together in another Premiere file.  Everything's working well, but I wondered if anybody had any recommendations for my export settings beyond this point.  For right now I just want a decent quality video file that I can play on my desktop so I can watch the movie in playback as I add to it.

           I've been using mpeg-4...which plays fine but the image is getting kinda washed out.  My movie's black and white and uses a lot of really dark shadows...so there are parts that are supposed to be solid black but in the mpeg version those parts are much, much brighter...they look only slightly darker than the rest of the image while they should be so dark you can't see any detail.  The targa's look fine individually it's only when they're rendered into the mpeg that my lighting gets kinda messed up.

           Light and shadow play a big part in my movie so even though it's only a work in progress at the moment it'd be a lot more helpful in the rendered version looked the way it was supposed to.

      Thanks, guys