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    PPBM4 Benchmarks vs Helmy's Sneak Peek video results

    rowby Level 1

      Looking at  Bill Gehrke's PPBM4  BENCHMARKS...


      http://tv.adobe.com/watch/davtechtable/sneak-peek-at-the-new-adobe-mercury-playback-engine -technology/


      ....I am wondering which of the setups is getting anything resembling the Dave Helmy Sneak Peek Mercury Playback Engine results with CS5.


      http://tv.adobe.com/watch/davtechtable/sneak-peek-at-the-new-adobe-mercury-playback-engine -technology/


      ...including rendering and exporting


      Thanks for any comments..



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Just guessing here, since I have never seen any results on the Dennis / Dave machine, but my rough guess would be somewhere around Ernst T7500's results. Maybe the Adobe machines have better disk setups, they may have the X5680 hexe cores, but they were running with the FX4800, not the 5800 and had similar memory. The Adobe machines would be similar, or maybe a tad faster.


          BTW, are you currently on PC and using CS5?

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            rowby Level 1

            Hi Harm,


            I am running CS4 on a WIndows 7 64 Ultimate.


            Getting ready to get CS5 and am staring to do my research.  My current setup is only good for CS4 and need to build a totally new machine.


            It was fine for SD, struggling with HD


            System:  Intel Core 2 CPU

            2.93 GHz

            NVIDA Geoforce GT200

            ASUS P5B Deluxe + 4GB+Intel Quad Core


            Oh, and a Matrix HD Compress card, which I am not too impressed with.


            So it will all need to be "dumped" and a new system built.


            Are you, Harm, getting similar results, with your setup compared to the Helmy video, since  you are currently at the top of the PPBM4 list?    (BTW I don't see myself having to edit 4K Red footage -- at least not yet , so perhaps I don't need a machine that does the totally high end processing as seen in the Helmy video.......    )