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    Need help extracting and exporting metadata for other applicationsas


      As some of the lua documentation says, I have neither the time nor inclination to learn Lua but if what I need is even possible, I would hire someone to write the code for me.


      What I want to do is extract metatdata stored in the PSD/TIFF or RAW files and write it out in a form that I can import it into a SQL database (Specifically Sqlite).  I can already read the LR catalog and get the information I need stored there but apparently the the Title and Caption info is not in the LR catalog but is stored in the image file itself.  I could be wrong on this but I have been unable to find these two fields in any of the Lightroom tables - but they are fairly cryptic.  It seems strange that the EXIF data would be pulled into the catalog but the caption and title, generated within lightroom are written back to the image file.


      I showed this by tagging an image in lightroom with a very unique title, then using spotlight to search for that title.  The only file returned was the original PSD file - not the lrcat file.


      can anyone help ?



      bill plunkett