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    LG Blu-Ray Burner Software?

    tclark513 Level 3



      I was hoping to get opinions on the software bundles with the LG Blu-Ray Burner.

      It comes with Cyberlink Suite that includes Power DVD, Lable Print, Media Show, Power Producer, ETC...


      I wanted to just install Label Print for Light Scribing DVD's but the installer will not let me chose "pieces" only... just the whole suite.

      I was wondering if the other Cyberlink applications would conflict with the Adobe applications in any way?  I was thinking it might install other codecs (maybe Power Producer) that would cause problems.


      Or if somebody can recommend a stand alone Lightscribe Lable program that might work better.



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          hbernhard Level 1

          I installed the Suite and removed everything besides LabelPrint which is quite user friendly, e.g. autoarranging the song/video titles for printing. I didn't experience codec issues ín the last 6 months. Working mainly with AVCHD (Sony CX6) and DV.

          Good luck HB

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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            I must have skipped all that software, because I don't have it installed at all. So I don't know how it may possibly interfere. Sorry.


            Do you really want to use Lightscribe? Is it still such a time consuming application that prevented me from installing it in the first place?

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              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

              The Bundle installer should give you an option to uncheck elements of the package. Normally we uncheck the you camera stuff and 2 others but I can't think of them off the top of my head. I will have to install 1 again and let you know. I have not seen any of the package though cause any issues nor has a customer reported any.

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                tclark513 Level 3

                Thanks for all your responses.


                This package would not let me install separately.  All or nothing.


                What I ended up doing was checking Lightscribe.com and it has a labeling program for free.

                It has nothing special but it will let you import your design for printing.

                We do all our design work in Photoshop and then import into the Labeling software for printing to Lightscribe.




                The reason I use Lightscribe is because there are no paper label issues like unbalanced DVD's.

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                  joe bloe premiere Level 5

                  I have the suite installed on four systems with no conflicts.


                  As I recall, the installer is counter-intuitive in that after you

                  select to install, you see a menu of options to select or not.


                  I have the LightScribe Control Panel and Label Print installed.

                  I think in installs a firmware auto-updater for the drive in the

                  background  if it is an LG burner, but I removed it after install.

                  The Control Panel allows you to adjust contrast settings for Label Print.


                  As Harm said, it does take about 20 minutes to burn a single disk label,

                  but with enough lead time for delivery and running on multiple systems

                  it has been a workable method for me... at least until inkjet printer prices

                  come down.


                  It beats a sharpie.