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    Change page state without disrupting the other page.

    Sylviee223 Level 1

      I don't understad why when i edit the text in one page, it modifies in the other page as well!

      How do i avoid this?

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          alvanh Level 1

          I think that if you

          have a text in page1 and you let him visible you will have the same texte in the other pages.

          You shoud shut down the text 1 in page 2 an create a texte 2 in page 2.

          In that way the text will be independant.

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            Peter Flynn (Adobe) Adobe Employee

            Hi Sylviee,


            If you create a control in Catalyst that is shared across several states (i.e. its layer is visible in more than one state), then changes the user makes to that control are preserved as the user navigates between those states.  For example, if a Text Input exists in several states, text the user entered in one state remains in the control when they navigate to another state.  It sounds like this is the case you're talking about.


            If you don't want that to happen, you have two options:

            • Don't share the control across states -- have separate copies of the control, each one visible only in a single state.  (However, when the user returns to the state where that control is visible, text they entered the last time they were in that state will become visible again).
            • Explicitly reset the text of the control when entering a specific state -- select the Text Input and enter a value for "Text" in the Properties panel.  Each time the user visits this state, the text field will be reset to show the text you've entered.  (For technical reasons, this will only work if the text input is shared to at least one other state, and you haven't set the "Text" property to the same thing in that state).


            Hope that helps,


            - Peter