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    Multiple NetStreams - IE 6/7 Issue

      Hello folks,

      I need help with a NetStream/IE specific issue (possibly bug in IE or IE FlashPlayer 9).

      Problem Background:
      • - I made flash flv player for client to play multiple FLV pseudo-streams (php-streamed) and keep them synchronized
      • - I have 2 NetStream objects for two separate streams
      • - Each stream can be changed via a list component to a different FLV while it's playing - it pauses, starts loading the new stream, then keeps playing the 2 streams, in sync
      • - The "player" resides on one domain, and the videos on another (simply due to more storage space available on the other domain)

        The "Blockage" Problem:
      • - Works great in FF on OS X 10.4, Win2K, WinXP and WinVISTA
      • - Works the first time in Win2K IE (Internet Explorer) 6, and WinXP IE7 - but when you close the tab or window, without closing the browser entirely (have another tab or window open - such as the one with the link to the flv player), then try opening the same URL again, or a similar one, IE browser will not load the FLV file "stream" anymore - again it works fine the first time around. This problem is so severe that the entire domain that the video was being loaded from in the first place can no longer be visited by the browser; i.e. if the domain the video was being loaded from was " http://domain.com" - IE can no longer visit it (any page on it anywhere...) but it can visit " http://www.domain.com". To clear up the browser "blockage," I have to close the browser completely, then re-launch it.

        What I've Tried:
      • - In places where I'd call "netStrmObj.close()" - I tried adding "myVideo.attachVideo(null);myVideo.attachAudio(null);" - this just makes the player really freak out for a while before changing to a new video, which still happens, but the doesn't do anything for the problem
      • - I tried not using "netStrmObj.close()" at all... no noticeable difference
      • - I added "_root.onUnload = function() {myVideo.attachVideo(null);myVideo.attachAudio(null);}" instead. This definitely made a difference. On Win2K the player worked on repeated calls for a while, but the response was terribly slow - take almost a minute to respond at times (where normal response time would be 2-3sec), then the same problem would occur. Sometimes the same problem would occur right away, like it did at first. On WinXP it worked like a charm, even on repeated calls (closing tabs/windows in between each call); then I interrupted my testing, which had been going so nicely, and had a short dinner for about 15-20 minutes, then resumed testing - the browser "blockage" had returned (I don't know if the delay was just fluke or not - but the problem is obviously still there...)

        Is there any *NetStream*/Flash/IE wizard out there who has any ideas about this? I will be gone for a few days before I can check this posting - but I need results by Wed/Thurs next week, so any help before then would be greatly appreciated.

        Thanks for your time!