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    Premier Elements 8 not playing video back


      I was having trouble running Premier Elements 7 due to a Wave_Warp issue. Program would not even load so I ran out and bought the latest ugrade verion 8. I uninstalled version 7, installed version 8 on my Windows 7 2GHZ laptop and boy am I disapointed.


      I created a new project, imported standard MOV video files to the time line, hit play and NOTHING, NADA.. the playhead won' move. Tried MP3 files, different other kinds of clips, same result. The only way I can get it to move is by dragging it. What a piece of crap. I need to make a video, and I've spend most of my day hunting the forums unsuccessfully for reasons why my old version of Premier Elements wouldn't start up, now this.


      I will be taking this software back to the store in search of a full and complete refund.