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    cheap tapeless camera question


      We're looking to buy the cheapest consumer camcorder possible that records to SD cards.  We will soon record many hours of casting footage that doesn't need to have great picture quality--something comparable to min-DV would be fine.  We will edit down and review the footage in Premiere CS5.


      However, I've read that most cheap tapeless camcorders use AVCHD, which is supposed to be terribly difficult to work with even on a fast system (our system should be similar to the top 5 performers in the CS5 MPE section of PPBM4).


      Is AVCHD really all that difficult for what we're doing (no layers, maybe 1 or 2 effects)?

      Is non-HD AVC better?

      What are the other consumer tapeless format options that might be better for this?

      Any specific camera recommendations for what we're trying to do?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Some suggestions:


          Canon Legria FS 306, FS 36, FS 37

          Sony DCR-SX33, SX34


          Your system should be more than capable to handle it with ease.

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            Tayedrummer Level 1

            I can't speak with any authority about AVCHD editing as, like you, I'm currently building my system (should be ready by the end of the week) but the CS5 previews specifically illustrated multiple layers of AVCHD footage in real time, without rendering (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De5N9IjUkNo).  They key is definitely the MPE and that video used the Quadro4800 card.

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              moroccodriver Level 1

              Thanks guys.


              Harm, despite my username, I'm in the USA so I'll have to research equivalents of those European models this evening and look into their formats and specs.


              Tayedrummer, that video showing the AVCHD playing "like butta" (as the host says) actually shows it kind of choppy when there are multiple layers.  I'll have to research his system specs to see how mine will compare to his.  I don't think the GPU MPE matters for AVCHD, only software/CPU and maybe RAM.

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                Tayedrummer Level 1

                True, that "butta" video is a little jerky but is it Youtube or capture software the cause or maybe the people are just walking like that?   Eiher way that yellow bar above the clips shows that the MPE/GPU is doing the rendering in realtime so it looks like the AVCHD material is sent to the GPU not the CPU (if you have hardware rendering enabled).


                Drives for my new system arrived today.  Should be up and running by the end of the week to actually try this out.


                BTW, if you're using the camera just for casting sessions wouldn't DV/HDV work just fine and be easier to archive?  Just a thought.

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                  ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                  Use Cineform's Neo Scene if you have problems editing the AVCHD. Then you don't have to  worry about the compression level causing a huge load on the system. Canon normally has the best cheaper consumer level AVCHD cameras. I would take a look at theirs.

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