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    missing font issue

    Fiona Hayward Level 1


      I am currently still using FWCS3


      When opening a document, I got the popup warning that a font wasnt installed on my system etc.

      But, the font is on my system, I went into the fonts folder in windows and checked.


      How can I get FW to recognise the font?



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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Is it possible the font wasn't installed properly through the Windows install procedure? I've had this happen when I dragged a font into the Windows font folder.

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            Fiona Hayward Level 1

            Not sure, I don’t have any prob with it in Illustrator



            Fiona Hayward

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              Linda Nicholls Level 4

              Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the font.

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                I've been having similar issues in CS4 not CS3. When I recently opened the CS3 file in CS4, all the fonts got screwed up. I contacted the developer of FontAgent Pro and they were unable to help.  It works in CS3.  Aside from the horror I have experienced with type, i run into features that are "only available for the PC" . . . even the export icon which worked in CS3 is grayed out now!  I haven't tried it yet, but I hope I can save my file back to CS3. I've used Fireworks almost from the beginning, so I am very disappointed.  I can't afford to upgrade yet to CS5, but if it's not any better, why bother. 


                Egads, I've lost two days just trouble shooting.


                If someone has a suggestion, I'd appreciate it.  I'm on a Mac using OS 10.5.8


                I have no problems with Photoshop CS4 or Illustrator CS4 [which still is inferior to Freehand]


                Adobe's condemnation of Apple for not allowing Flash on the iPhone is unfounded.  If Flash is as buggy as Fireworks, no wonder Apple does not want to to have anything to do with Flash.  And what's with PCs having more features then the Mac, and Mac sometimes having to wait a year before they get even get the "features". 


                Oh yes, there is one feature in Fireworks CS4 I like.  The "Photoshop Live Effects," but that was once available in the Macromedia version and got dropped when Adobe bought Macromedia.