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    Maintaining global lists for ComboBox values

    Scott R. Hamilton

      I would like to maintain multi-lingual lists of allowable categories to be used
      in ComboBox controls. The values for these lists should be stored external to
      the application or at some global level to that they can be maintained by someone
      who is not necessarily a developer.


      When the user chooses a language when the application runs, the arrayCollections
      containing the data/value pairs should be loaded with the data in the appropriate
      language. These arrayCollections would be then bound as the data providers to
      ComboBox controls in the various modules and components of the application.


      For example, in an application about cars there could be a ComboBox containing
      colors  - in English (red, gray, blue, black) in German (rot, grau, blau, schwarz).
      There could also be a ComboxBox containing body types: (sedan, coupe, convertible)
      or (limosine, coupe, cabriolet).


      ComboBoxes using the data could be used anywhere in the application - in modules,
      components or whatever.


      What would be the best way to approach this from a design perspective? Where should
      the lists to be loaded into the control's data provider at run time be stored?