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    Trigger Director from another app?

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      I have a director application, and I need it to wait for some kind of
      'trigger' from another application before continuing - Is this possible?

      The scenario:
      The Director app waits for the main application (probably written in VB or
      C#) to tell it a file path to a media element - The director file then
      displays and plays this file.
      At the moment, the main app launches director via a command line with the
      media's path included. All works well, but it takes an age for the director
      exe to launch. What I would like is the director app to launch at the start
      and stay minimised until needed - when it gets a 'trigger' with a file path,
      it will maximise and do its stuff!

      At the moment, the only scenario I can come up with is to have the main app
      change the data in a text file ( a pref file), then have director constantly
      check this!! but this is heavy file load usage - not good!!
      I don't mind if its an xtra that's needed, but just need director to do
      something on a trigger. Help would be greatly appreciated.

      I know there are xtras to control other apps, like say PowerPoint, but how
      do I do it the other way!!




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