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    How to create patched MSI?




      I want to deploy the current Adobe Reader Security Update 9.3.2. So I first want to create a patched MSI. Here my steps:


      1. Download Adobe Reader 9.3.0 and Security Update 9.3.2

           --> AdbeRdr930_en_US.msi

           --> AdbeRdrUpd932_all_incr.msp

      2. Copy both files to C:\MyFolder

      3. Apply patch to MSI

           --> msiexec /p AdbeRdrUpd932_all_incr.msp  /a AdbeRdr930_en_US.msi /qb


      4. Install Adobe Reader using the modified AdbeRdr930_en_US.msi. When I check Help-->About ... On this splash  screen it shows 9.3.2....that's fine

           Now I take the mouse pointer to the  position on splash screen where 9.3.2 is written and click. After  clicking I see a different version


      So my question is why?


      I need to build a correct patched MSI to deploy it using System Center Essentials/WSUS. I do not want to deploy using Group Policy!


      Any ideas?


      Best regards.