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    subdomain problem

      Hello folks... I'm using Contribute 3.11 on the Mac, and I have a problem with subdomains. I'm the admin for a local school, and I have a connection to their site. The URL looks something like <myschool.com>. They want to create separate subdomains for the different departments, e.g. <highschool.myschool.com>, <preschool.myschool.com>, etc. The problem is that when I go to edit <highschool.myschool.com> in Contribute, I get an error message telling me that I don't have a connection to that website (screenshot). (Remember, I do have a connection to <myschool.com>.) When I try to set up the connection, I get an error telling me I already have a connection to that address (screenshot). Any ideas on how to proceed? Thanks in advance!