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    Need help on cutcontour



      Im pretty new to this. And i need a step by step explanation how to make a cutcontour around a logo.

      I have Illustrator CS4, and the printer is OCÈ CS9160, and after the printing is done the file shall be stent to the cutter wich is a MUTOH SC-PRO 1400.

      I am using the pen-tool to draw around the logo, and i open the swatch-palette, new swatch, CutContour, spotcolor, saving it as a .EPS file in the old Illustrator 8 version. But it wont cut the file at all... What am i doing wrong? I dont know.

      Please, if someone could help me.


      PS: Sorry for bad english, but i am from Norway.

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          JETalmage Level 6

          Understand: Terms like "cutcontour" mean nothing to most Illustrator users. It's not an Illustrator term. It's just the name of a spot color that your cutter instructions (I assume) are telling you to use so that whatever driver software you are using for your cutter can use that spot color name as a "flag" to identify which path(s) to cut. Most users here have never used Illustrator for cutting on a plotter.


          You have not described your complete workflow. You didn't say you applied the spot color named CutContour to your path's stroke. You said you're then exporting the file as an Illustrator 8 EPS, but you said nothing about what software you are then importing the EPS into. It's unlikely that anyone here is going to know anything about that specific software, unless someone just happens to be using the same cutter/driver combination.


          I don't have your specific cutter, but have done similar cutting on Rowland  devices. These are the thoughts that occur to me:


          Some cutting software expects the cut path to not only be a specific spot color, but also within a particular stroke weight range. Read your instructions on your cutting software.


          You say you are saving this as an Illustrator 8 EPS. Is that really necessary? Can your cutter software not open a regular Illustrator 8 (.ai) file? (Most can.)


          Is your cut path also not filled?


          Are you seeing an error message when you send the file to the cutter?


          Have you been able to cut any other files? What Illustrator version are you using? What computer OS? How is the cutting device connected (what kind of interface)? If simply nothing is happening, are you sure it's not just a communication problem between your computer and your cutter?


          You're probably going to fare better by inquiring the cutter manufacturer or a user forum for its users.



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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

            Perhaps the spot color has separated that is converted to process?

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              Veivster Level 1

              Hi again.


              I use the Onyx RipCenter V7 prog. for the print.


              My cutter/plotter-prog. is Onyx Cut-server v 2.0


              OS is Windows 7 (pc)


              But it's not the Ripcenter or any of those programs that are the problem that i have, i guess??


              Its how to make a file ready for cutting (CutContour) in illustrator cs4 after i have drawn the line there i want it to be cut that is the problem..

              And that is what i need an step by step explanation on.. If you understand what i mean.


              Thanks in advance


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                Veivster Level 1

                Thank you very much Wade, I shall try it now