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    How to change default font in ADE?


      I have several .epub files that are set to refer to external fonts for displaying their content.

      They show fine in Sony Library( where I know where to put fonts for these files) and display fine on the

      ebook reading devices, so far I tried all Sony readers and Nook.

      Unfortunately ADE has been unable to display them correctly.

      Is there a default directory where it looks for external fonts? Does it even look for them?

      Is there a directory that I could put fonts in and refer to them from inside the .epub?

      Why I'd like to do it-

      1. It is supported feature of the epub file and works on many devices.

      2. That lets me customize font to the one that I find comfortable with.

      3. That lets me preview generated files before I put them on the device.

      4. That would let me change display font for all similary generated files, by just changing default font once.

      5. It would provide possiblity to view many different language files, job for which Adobe Digital Editions is currently woefuly inadequate.

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          Refer this link:




          which will tell you how to include fonts inside the ePub package.




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            DgReader Level 1

            Thank you for advice.

            I know that I can create epub files with fonts included in them.

            My question was- how to refer in the epub to external font file, that ADE would understand and display,

            doing that would let me keep overall file size of my book library significantly less, because I would not need to include same fonts in every book.

            I am able to do it on the devices, I am able to do it in Sony Reader Library, but PC version of Adobe Digital Editions does not work the same way. All I need is to  know where to put external fonts on my PC so that I could refer to them from inside the epub and that ADE would find and display them.

            Though I do appreciate the attention, I'd double the appreciation if you read the question before offering the answer.