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    Premiere CS5 crashes while rendering the timeline



      I recently moved to CS5 Premium Production Suite and a new HP Eltie 8100 PC i750 8 GB RAM and the graphic card is a Nvidia FX-580. In addition I work with a Blackmagic Design Multibrigde Eclipse. When I work in project, it doesn't matter what kind of resolution HD or SD, in most cases when I render the project a failure message appears on the screen "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error Program:c\Program... R6025 pure virtual function call". After that windows 7 64 Bit looks for a solution but can't find anything and the application Premiere Pro CS5 will be quited!

      I tried to installed an older version of the Nvidia card driver coming originally from HP. Driver Version But also this made no changes in result. So the question is, do CS5 Premiere anything wrong in calling some forbidden code? Or is it a Win 7 OS bug?

      Do anyone know something about this failure? I also have updated to the latest Abobe software 5.01 for Premiere but no changes.


      Thanks for help