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    Site definition issue (maybe???)

    camelbreath Level 1

      My desktop computer had some issues and I am having a hardware and operating system upgrade done on it. It had six hard drives, none of which were damaged and all of the data is intact. This data includes all of my DW CS4 sites which are in one of two directorys  (i.e, "Client A-M" and "Client N-Z"), under a client sub-directory in the client's name.


      I have a free-standing docking station where I mounted the hard drive with the client files and copied them to an external drive which is attached to my laptop, which has a full CS4 Premium Design Suite, including DW CS4, installed. I have already edited and updated some sites, a couple with no problems, and a couple with some problems reocognizing and updating templates.


      In a previous post, I addressed this issue and it was suggested that on the ones where I had problems, the issue was site definition files. I have just recieved a request to do some updating on a site which I have not opened on the laptop. As a prevention to avoid any problems, my quesiton is this:


      Should I redefine the site in it's existing folder on the laptop as a new site since this installation of DW CS4 has never seen that site before and the subject site is not on its recognized list of sites.


      Thanks in advance for you help,



      PS: What is the file extension for the site definition files, and where do they reside on the computer?


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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          Without knowing the issues it's hard to determine.  You could always try to bring the files over.  Assuming your computer was setup with a RAID configuration and you didn't lose data then you should have no issues transferring the files.  But if you were running 6 independent hard drives and you have already run into issues you may want to consider just entering the data in fresh just to ensure no corruption down the road.  The files for the site definitions will vary.  Typically on the Mac they are located in the Library->Application Support->Adobe->Dreamweaver CS5 folder, on Windows it's hidden away in the Application Data folder.

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            camelbreath Level 1

            The complete set of site files are on the laptop hard drive, but not the elusive .ste file. I am told you cannot import a site that has not been exported. And to export, you need to do that from the "manage sites" dialog, which this one will not show up in. So, I presume the fix is to define a new site with the folder where the subject site now resides.



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