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    The drives are driving me mad

    last one out

      Having recently aquired a new AMD X6 computer with 2 1T drives for CS2 and DV video. I hope to soon aquire a newer camera and CS5. After bumping into an old friend at a camera store, and establishing rendundancy was not an issue seeing I always backed up to DVD as soon as my final work was done, suggested I should at a minimum;


      a) re format my primary drive and partition it to just 100 gig for the OS and programs (leaving the rest of the drive dormant seeing it will just end up getting fragmented otherwise)


      b) re format my 2nd drive and partition it to just 100 gig for pagefile/scratch/render/project files


      c) aquire 3rd Samsung F3 1T for my Capture files and output.


      After speaking to someone else, they strongly suggested getting 2 addtional 350 gig drives instead of a 3rd drive. One new drive would be for OS & one would be for pagefile/scratch/render/project files, leaving my origional 2 drives for Capture & Output respectively.


      I don't want to spend much more money seeing I'm savng for the new camera/CS5. They both think they're right for the minimum cost effective way to improve speed. But who's right?