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    checking an external swf is loaded?

    celebritymusic Level 1



      I'm loading an external .swf via typing the swf name into an input text field and hitting a submit button.


      The swf loads fine, but I'm trying to incorporate updating a status text field on a succesful load or if there is an error during loading.


      I can't find my mistake in the code - to me it should be making  load_status_txt display "ok", but the swf just loads with no status update.


      All the text fileds are fine, because if I code  load_status_txt.text = "hello" straight after addChild(loader); -  load_status_txt displays "hello"


      Can anyone see an obvious mistake below?


      Thanks so much again.






      loadSwfBut.addEventListener("mouseDown", sendData)

      function sendData(evt:Event){
          if(loadSwf.text !=""){
      var Xpos:Number = 0;
      var Ypos:Number = 100;
      var swf:MovieClip;
      var loader:Loader = new Loader();


      var defaultSWF:URLRequest = new URLRequest(loadSwf.text);


      loader.x = Xpos;
      loader.y = Ypos;


              loader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, dataOnLoad);
          } else load_status_txt.text = "All fields are mandatory"


      function dataOnLoad(evt:Event): void{


          load_status_txt.text = "ok";