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    How to have Spry Menu with different heights

    StudentsofShiloh Level 1

      I designed the below menu in Photoshop and am using Dreamweaver CS3 Spry Menu to create a flyout menu.  Instead of having all of the Department Sub menus open up in a flyout menu, I want them to be be either always shown or to open up below the Departments button when it is clicked. I will also need flyout menus for some of the other buttons (Company Directory, Equipment etc).


      The main problem that I cannot figure out is that I want the sub menu beneath Departments Button (Sales, Safety, Operations etc) to be a smaller height than the main buttons.  The spry menu sees the submenus as main menus and will not allow me to have a shorter height for them.


      I thought I could maybe use the Accordian Spry menu and use an Unordered List within the Accordian Pane so that the sub menus would open up below the Departments Button.  The problem with this is that I need to have flyout menus for some of the other main buttons (Company Directory, Equipment etc)



      Any ideas on how I can get this to work?  My guess is the easiest thing to do would be to make all of the buttons the same height and call it a day.  LOL


      Is there a third party software that anyone recommends that is better than the standard built in Spry Menu that you recommend over the DW Spry Menu?  I've seen several online but have never used any of them.  When I was using GoLive, I used MenuMachine and it was great.