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    Help needed




      I used to always use premiere but haven't in about 8 years and now i really need to make a high quality video but having some issues. I have upgraded to Premiere Pro 4 CS4 and have done most of the editing but when i come to export it its all blurry.

      I originally started using the sequence present 'DV - Pal Standard 48kHz' but when i exported it it was blurry so i thought the settings were just bad and realized the frame size was small so i started a new sequence changing the editing mode to 'Desktop' and i increased the frame size as the standard was small and i want it to look crisp on a monitor upto 30 inches. My frame rate is at least 25fps and when i export i have been using MPEG2-DVD standard PAL high quality present. I know i am over looking something (probably really basic) and this version is so different to what i was used to (i now have windows 7 and my old version was not compatible so had to upgrade).


      In the editing i am using some AVI videos, some animation i have done in flash and, still images and word sequences.


      I would really appreciate if anyone knew what i was over looking or any suggestions. i apologies if this kind of issue has been posted before.


      Many thanks for your help in advance.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Some suggestions... and answer at least the 16 questions at the end of the Wiki article.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            The basics: Project/Sequence settings should exactly match your source footage. If necessary, use that Desktop Project Preset, and adjust as you have done. The adjustments just need to match that source footage perfectly.


            Now, with mixed Assets, such as you have, one has to define what is the most important, or oft used format and its specs. That is what one chooses for the Project/Sequence Preset. Then, they either convert, or manipulate the other Assets to match that. For stills, Scale to match in Photoshop. For Flash, Export to the appropriate specs. from the Flash program. This will be the same general workflow for all odd Assets, and you may need to use a conversion program on odd AV Assets. Do not Scale in PrPro, unless you cannot help doing so, say for animating Effect>Motion>Scale with Keyframes, etc.


            This will give you the ultimate editing experience and the highest quality.


            Now, when it comes times to Export, just consider you delivery scheme and the required format. This is not a consideration, when doing the initial Project/Sequence Preset. It only comes into play on Export.


            The one exception would be if you have SD material, but know that you need to end up with HD. Then, you would first convert all of your SD Assets to HD with a product like Red Giant's Magic Bullet InstantHD, or similar, and Import those converted Assets into an HD Project/Sequence. That would still get you a Preset that matches your new source footage perfectly. It only introduces an intermediate step at the beginning of the workflow, prior to choosing a Project/Sequence Preset.


            Good luck,