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    Copy and Paste atributes

    TJmag Level 1

      Hi, is there any way of assigning a keyboard shortcut to copy and paste atributes?


      I´m currently using drag and drop from the appearence panel but this takes much more time.

      In FreeHand I use ctrl+shift+C to copy the attributes of a shape and ctrl+shift+V to paste them in other shapes (sometimes on multiple shapes at the same time).

      Thnx, TJMag

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          colling_s Level 2

          There is no shortcut like in freehand but you can use the Eyedropper tool and that will save you a lot of time.

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            TJmag Level 1

            Thank you colling_s, I’ve been using the eyedroper as well but I find it anoying.

            When you have multiple strokes or fills sometimes it doesn’t apply them correctly — sometimes it changes the order of stacking and sometimes

            it changes the fill color slightly.

            I also use graphic styles but again...not as pratical as an actual shortcut.


            I guess I was wondering if anyone knew a way to hack the crap out of some config files in Illustrator and make it possible.

            (and program some "paste inside" while at it , heh )

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              CupertinoFruit Level 3

              It works correctly for me when I apply multiple Fills & Strokes using Eyedropper. Try this & see if it works for you:

              - Double-click on the Eyedropper tool in the Toolbox (Tools panel).

              - Click on the checkbox nex to 'Appearance' in the left column. You will notice that as soon as you do this, the Appearance listing collapses & it is checked ON.

              - Repeat the same in the right column.

              - Click OK to exit the dialog.

              Now you should be abe to lift multiple strokes & fills using the Eyedropper tool & apply it to other objects.

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                TJmag Level 1

                Yes, it does usually work ok using the eyedroper. Sometimes when I have complex objects, for example, trying to copy the attributes of a masked shape, the color changes from pantone to cmyk, with all boxes checked on the eydroper preferences. I have no idea why.


                Thank you both for your sugestions.

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                  Scott Falkner Level 5

                  There are more bugs in Illustrator than in the entrance to the Temple of Doom. One such bug is that if you use the eyedropper to get the fill colour of a filled mask Illustrator does not read the CMYK values, or even the gradient or pattern swatch. Illustrator reads the RGB value of the point you clicked on.

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                    TJmag Level 1

                    Yep! Sometimes it even catches the green color of the smart guides, like a label for anchor points or such....

                    I don’t think adobe thinks that anyone working with vectors needs practical and working tools.