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    AIR application code signing?

    vivoices Level 1

      I have a code signing certificate from StartSSL.com.

      After validation I only get a yellow question mark in the application installer.

      That is already better than the red exclamation mark with a self-signed certificate.


      Can someone give me an example of an AIR application out there that has ALL GREEN in the install dialog?


      What certification authority do I need to sign up with to get an ALL GREEN installation dialog?




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          Hy David, this is an answer I got from StartSSL.

          Have you tried to install your application using the Adobe AIR 2.0 Runtime? It would be interesting to know, how your install dialog looks there.




          Hi Beat,


          On 05/10/2010 08:22 PM, From Beat Besmer:

          Dear Sir or Madam


          I have a rather simple question: Will I be able to sign an Adobe AIR Application with the “Start SSL Verified” Object Sign Feature? I have not found any information on this on your Website or the FAQs.


          It depends what the basis for the trust anchor is, but I suspect since Adobe doesn't support the StartCom root yet, there will be probably a warning for this type of application.



          So far Windows, Apple and Mozilla applications and extensions are supported.



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            vivoices Level 1

            Thanks BBCLX,

            I am signing my code with StartSSL's verified certificate already.

            It was a rather lengthy process to generate the final *.p12 file because it has to contain the whole certificate chain down to the root certificate of StartSSL.

            An almost one hour online chat with a very friendly support person made it possible.