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    My drive setup

    321 rollem

      I didn't want to high-jack someone else's thread so I am starting my own Drive setup questionnaire thread because my situation is of course different.  Since my last post about how I should setup the drives I had, things have changed.


      I will be using Vista 64 U and upgrading to CS5.


      My machine is an i7 920 6g and I will soon be getting a GTX 480



      My drive situation is this:


      300g SCSI 15k - OS & CS5 - this machine only be used for NLE



      The rest:


      36G SCSI 15K (possible page-file)

      2 1TB Samsung F3 (500g platters)

      2 1/2TB Seagate NS drives



      I would like to use a drive for backing up files from my 2x HF S100s (MTS container) and other media




      Thanks for your time,